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 Who we are...
    The company "BRALMA–CANADA International Trading LTD" established in 1997 in Toronto (Canada) is a representative of "Oil & Gas Producers Union of Russia" in North America.
    Oil & Gas Producers Union of Russia (AOGO) was set up in February 1992
on the initiative of Mr. Y. Shafranik – Ministry of Energy of Russia, backed up by some 50 major Russian companies of fuel and energy industries.

    The Association is a non-government public organization, established on the principles of non-profit partnership to protect and represent corporate interests in legislative and executive authorities of Russia. The Association has affiliates and representatives in many cities of Russia, near and far abroad countries.

For ten years since inception, the Association has been involved in preparing 48 laws and normative acts of the Russian Federation, 12 decisions of the RF Government, elaborating 18 economically based recommendations for parliamentary hearings in the State Duma. Most significant activities of the Association include participation in developing new Tax Code (both the first and the second specific Part of it), as well as Production Sharing Law, the Laws on mineral lands, which can be used on production sharing terms, on Leasing, on Land use leasing, on Investing in Russia in the form of capital investment and many others.

    The association has become known enough abroad. The Association maintain contacts with Petroleum Advisory Forum, representing the interests of international oil commonwealth in Moscow, OPEC, OECD, US Agency for International Development, which implemented a number of projects in Russia in technical upgrading, personnel training and environment protection in oil sector. In the frame of the above cooperation, AOGO arranged and held 25 international exhibitions, 18 congresses and workshops, 12 scientific and practical conferences, contributing to popularization of advanced oil, gas and refining technologies, working out of single corporate approaches and proposals for settlement of urgent general economic and branch problems.

Members of the Partnership "Oil & Gas Producers Union of Russia" consider creation of conditions for enhancing efficiency of oil and gas industry operation, imparting social directness to it, facilitating development and passage of packages of Federal laws, i.e. the Gas Code and the Oil Code, incorporating all necessary legislative aspects of activities of oil and gas companies, and strategic interests of the state, as the main objectives of to day.

What we do...

Development of the oil and gas complex of Russia and countries of CIS is attracted great attention from the part of the oil and gas companies, investment and trust groups, banks and representatives of the different directions of business of whole world.

The consolidated for the last years government policy, clarity in economy and stabilization of the governmental and legal basis of Russia are permitted to work at the mutual benefit business and friendly basis.

Our main goal is to help all who are interested in development of business between the North-American business circles and countries of CIS.

We are glad to invite all who still doubt in acceptance of its decision to come to us and we will try to help you to understand the real picture of ability opening to you.

We are ready to help all who made decision and need the independent high professional qualification economical and technical evaluation of investments in Russia and countries of CIS.

We will render assistance to You in certification of equipment in the Accredited Authorities of certification (Laboratories) in Russia according to the existing local Russian standards and requirements.

We are the corporation of the specialists of the different directions with high experience and knowledge of the real actuality, accumulated during many years of work in oil and gas sector of Russia, countries of CIS and abroad.
We are also glad to be helpful for You in search of work on your trade in oil and gas companies of the world and to assist Your job placement under your trade.

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